How Can I Find the Cheapest Online and In Person Pharmacies That Are Open 24 Hours a Day and Seven Days a Week in France?

France has been a leader in the medical community for some time now. The 24 hour pharmacies (Geoallo pharmacie garde) in France have captured media attention. Stories emerge about the great service that patients can find waiting for them. They appreciate 24 hour pharmacies in France that are simply open. These citizens also find that the staff are friendly. The personnel knows how to answer questions and give good feedback whenever possible. That keeps new patients actively involved in their health and selection of medication. As I’ve said quite often in previous articles on the subject, there are many other products that twenty four hours pharmacies, both online and in person, are going to sell at their stores in order to both rope in more customers and help to retain their current customers base, keeping their buyers always happy.

Among the most common products that you might find at these convenience stores include newspapers, magazines, candy, snacks, basic food products like bread, water jugs and bottled water, Gatorade, paper towels and toilet paper, small books or novels, frozen foods and tv dinners, and a wide assortment of similar and related products. Among all of these products, there are also a lot of easy ways to get huge discounts on literally every single product in the store, and this includes even the most expensive of your prescription medications. Stores can give you a discount that is as much as five to ten percent of the selling price of the product once you sign up for their membership discount or rewards points, and the reason for this is two fold, it causes you to purchase more products while you’re in the store, and on top of this, it keeps you coming back for more, since why would you buy from another pharmacy when you’ve got a card in your pocket that is giving you a ten percent discount to fifteen percent mark down on literally every single product in the store. The discount plans greatly increase customer retention and the happiness and satisfaction of the stores customers, and this is why it is such a popular plan in nearly every single pharmacy.

On the subject of pharmacies keeping their customers happy, most pharmacies, both online and the in person pharmacies around town in France, are going to be open for twenty four hours at a time. This is because there is a literal societal need for pharmacies, both online and in person to be open for twenty four hours a day. Imagine the following scenario, a truck driver gets off of work at a series of different pit stops around France, and only really has time to take some off time at around 3 o’clock am every single day, and 6 o’clock in the morning a few hours later, if pharmacies behaved like most conventional stores out there and they only stayed open until nine or ten o’ clock pm every single day, this truck driver, and thousands of other French citizens like him, would literally be out of luck due to their harsh work schedule and their tough hours. Due to the powerful and invisible hand of the free market however, this problem is quickly and easily solved by increased demand for twenty four hours pharmacies, and no extra Government intervention is needed.